Saturday, October 22, 2011

Democracy at work

Such was the scene in front of Mantri Synergy this morning,as counting of votes polled at panchayat elections was still in progress, nearly 24 hours after it started at the Hindustan University campus. As its next-door neighbour we at Mantri Synergy suffered collateral impact of public enthusiasm of party supporters who thronged the OMR stretch in the vicinity of Hindustan University.
A call taxi we had ordered to visit a patient at hospital took nearly half an hour to negotiate the half a km stretch from Padur market to Mantri Synergy. The crowd of supporters blocking this stretch of OMR was still there when we returned home at 9 p m.
Vote counting that started early Friday morning continued till this morning. Incessant bursting of fire crackers by supporters of winning candidates continued through the Friday night. Supporters waiting for results of their candidates found our visitors parking lot quite convenient for them to make a night of it in the open. That they had come prepared for it, with packed food and water, was evident from the litter of plastic they left behind on our frontyard.


  1. It was really disgusting to witness the scene... We hopefully won't witness this for another 4 years approximately...

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