Friday, October 7, 2011

For your attention, Mr T M Krishna

Dear Vikram Raghavan of Team Svanubhava,
Call this an open-letter, my wishful thinking or whatever you will.
Reading about your three-day event (Oct.10-12) at Tiruvanmiyur I visualize the prospects of Mantri Synergy residents community hosting a Svanubhava event, an year or two from now. It would be great to have a bunch of you spending a weekend in our residential community on OMR. Svanubhava volunteers and invitees can stay with residents who would be happy to have you as their guests.
We have the clubhouse where programmes can be held - workshop, lectures and panel discussions. Our clubhouse poolside auditorium with 200 odd seats can be a cozy venue for evening concerts.
Mantri Synergy is an emerging apartments complex that would people over 700 families in a few months. Right now, we have 50 odd families living in the complex. The reason I feel we at the Mantri's can make svanubhava-type event happen is the response we had, to a recent evening of carnatic music Mr Sriraj (D-1202) hosted at our clubhouse TV room. Mr Sriraj, a Mantri resident, shared with others his DVDs featuring concerts by MS, and violin recital by T N Krishnan. The two-hour programme evoked such interest that some residents asked if we could make it a weekly feature at our clubhouse.

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