Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still pending: Shopfront ramp

After relocating the children's play area,we hope, the Mantri project team would focus on building a ramp to the shopfront; and also hope they get this done by the time the clubhouse grocery store opens - mid-November, they say. What I heard is that the plan is to replace existing steps with a ramp, instead of building one, to run along with the steps.
The move follows a post in this blog. Our point was a shopfront without the ramp keeps out shoppers with disability. Those using a walker or wheel-chair would have to rely on others to do the shopping for them. Besides, a ramp is needed for wheeling shopping carts in and out of the grocery store.
The vacant space in front of the store can be fitted with garden tables and benches and and trees for providing shade for shoppers who choose to have a bite or ice-cream after shopping.
Plea to PropCare: Can we persuade the retailer to plant a couple of shade-giving trees on this space to mark the inauguration of the clubhouse store ?

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