Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proactive tree-lovers at Mantri's

A few days after she moved in(E-903) Mrs.Revathi Giri asked PropCare about the possibility of her planting trees on the Mantri Synergy campus. When she heard about the Oct.17 tree-planting at the visitors parking lot Revathi and her husband wanted to be a part of it, and offered to plant a tree.
The next time they would want to plant a fruit-bearing tree. Jack fruit is Revathi's favourite. She has volunteered to be part of a Mantri Synergy community-building corps (MSCC) we plan to evolve for taking up small-group activities such as nursing the saplings till they take roots, indexing and up-keep of books donated to our clubhouse library. As a teacher Mrs Revathi's special interest is in students guidance. She referred to the Vedic method of teaching young ones maths the easy way.
Mrs Mala (E-301) joined us in making PropCare sponsored tree-planting a community effort. A notable aspect of the Oct.17 programme was dedicating a tree to our security staff.
PropCare Sivaram invited securitymen Mohan Kumar and Khirud to plant a badam close to their cabin at the main gate. Mohan represented the security personnel who man our main gate, night and day, with no holiday for dasara, diwali and several other festivals.
Khirud represented the migrant group of our security men from Assam, Orissa and elsewhere who have been driven by their economic condition/domestic circumstance to travel so far away from home in search of subsistence employment.

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