Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mantri's Home, for better or worse

In an ongoing CommonFloor debate on residents' problems my E block neighbour Mr Ujjal Mukherjee has come up with a post I wish to share with those who don't/can't access Mantri Synergy page in CommonFloor.
Mr Mukherjee says:
There are innumerable problems that we have to face with a new apartment (not to mention Mantri & their innovative desings and ideas ;-). However, for all problems, we do have a solution!! I moved into my apartment almost 2 months back :-) and have slowly, but surely, rectified all our problems including those in my brother's apt and his in-laws.
Mantri, good or bad, it's my money, its my HOME and I will do whatever it takes along with the help of all our neighbours to make this place a good, up-class and liveable place. That is the mantra for the residents who have moved in till now and that is what was decided even in our last meeting.
No gyaan, seriously, but believe me, the more we are going to blog all the stupid things that Mantri has done about this project, the more we are, together, killing the decision of our investment and the 'home' that we all have invested in out hard-earned money, coz its going to bring down the price of our investment through such posts.
We have a knowledgeable and voluntary,if small, group of residents, who are just waiting for Mantri to handover and the amazingly efficient Propcare :-) to leave this place after they are done with it. And then, we should and we will form our association and we will make this place the best investment decision of all our lives :-). I am sure, together, we CAN!!
A few suggestions :-)
Aquaguard - I faced the same problem with the modular kitchen in my apt. If you have a service area, please fix the water purifier there with a 'hole-in-wall' solution from the kitchen.
Gyser - Please buy only a HORIZONTAL gyser and not the vertical ones. If you already have a vertical one and want to reuse it, then good luck.
Hole-in-the-Wall - Coming to Mr. GVK's post of the holes being too small, I faced the same problem with my AC mechanics and had to get a concrete cutter. But sadly, the problem with the hole for the chimney exhaust in my kitchen is still there. I contacted a person doing the concrete cutting tasks through Propcare, but he is charging 1500 bucks for each chimney hole, which is way too costly.
He assured that the rates can be drastically reduced, if there were many takers in the same day, so that he can bring his men and equipment. So please let me know in case you are looking for re-sizing the kitchen hole.


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