Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mobilizing volunteers for MSCC

We don't need to wait till we have a duly elected residents association in place for initiating community-building activities. The current strength of residents is 75 families, which is about 10 percent of the 750 plus apartments in Mantri Synergy. It may well be May 2012 - at the start of school holidays - before we see full occupancy at Mantri Synergy.
Community-building efforts - tree-planting, running the club-house library, mentoring students, Children's movie shows, Weekend DVD film shows - can be initiated, if we mobilize a group of resident volunteers - Mantri Synergy Community-building Corps (MSCC).
To start with, we need data-base, which has contact details of residents willing to volunteer,their expertise and skill sets,the number of hours,weekly; and preferred time of the day (say, Wednesday evening, Sat.afternoon, Sun.morning) they can spare for community activities.
PropCare, which maintains records of residents, can help in collecting volunteering details.This can be an interim arrangement till such time we create a proper Mantri Synergy residents website with a residents directory.In this context, residents at their Oct.23 meeting could consider a proposal we received from ApnaComplex dot com.


  1. Dear GVK,
    Do we have meeting on Oct 23rd? Please advise me on the timings.

  2. My source of info. regarding the Sunday meet is Mr Rajha Gopalan 9176650215. It is scheduled at noon, Oct.23. You may also phone 9677864059 for details regarding the agenda and venue.

  3. Oh ok.. Thanks.. I am aware of that but don't want to be a part of it as the agenda and motive is completely different there. I thought it was something organized by the existing residents.