Monday, October 24, 2011

Concerts online : Sangeethapriya

The music lovers I know at Mantri's - Mr Sampath Iyengar, Mr Sundaram Giri, Mr Viswanathan - and several others I haven't yet met would be interested in Sangeethapriya, if they haven't already read about it in The Hindu. It is a website with over 6,000 carnatic music concerts by 1,100 plus artistes, sourced from personal collection of music lovers willing to spare their tapes and discs for uploads in SangeethaPriya.
The website is a creation of US-based scientist, Mr Srinivasan Rajagopalan, who chose to share his music collection, online.This was in 2004. His friends and most others who accessed the website uploaded their own collections; on condition that no commercial album is uploaded.The site, hosted in the U.S, conforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.If any uploaded content is objected to by its copyright owner, the site administrator has it deleted.
The site is helmed at the Chennai end by software professional Mr Sridharan Sankaran who has a day job with TCS. As a not-for-profit initiative Sangeethapriya can always do with volunteers.
They need techies to convert gifted tapes to digital format; and those knowledgeable about music to index and tag songs from chunks of concert track.

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