Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Needed: A Bangalore-like 'dhamaka' on OMR

After reading about the Ugly Indians,  and seeing their six-minute video of what they did to the pavement close to Oracle office, Bangalore,  I thought, we could as well do with such dhamaka in our neighbourhood on OMR. We have no dearth of  pavements littered with trash ; and, have quite a number of spirited young residents at Mantri Synergy... And  we have it on YouTube, for all to see,  what happened in Bangalore  when a bunch of  professionals there got to work on a trash-littered pavement in the city.

As it happened in Bangalore, a bunch of techies,  presumably  from Oracle,  got togther on a Sunday morning to clean up a patch of pavement on Tavarakere Rd., opposite St.John's Wood apartments complex. Removing  a 100 kg. trash and giving the pavement a coat of whitewash took them two hours. As much of  calories-burning as you do at the gym. And then, at the end of it all, Oracle volunteers had a sense of having done something socially meaningful.

At Mantri's,  and Rosedale (across the road), we have  a pavement  with trash work cut out for us. Are you reading this, Souray Mohanty, Rahul, and Pandey ? They are founder members of our short-lived Sunday 'santhai' initiative. I can think of a host of other spirited young professionals in our apartments complex who would put on their gloves and mouth-piece for a dhamaka. Life at Mantri's, of late, has gotten a bit  monotonous and uneventful.

As I said, we have a trash heap waiting to be addressed, right in front of Mantri's, and not far from   Rosedale.  We have platoons of spirited young people in the two communities. What we need is someone to  organize the trash-cleaning, and  video the proceedings (see Ugly Indian video) for YouTube. Maybe , the pavement  we clean , Sunday , would start collecting litter agains from Tuesday. As the Oracle techies who cleaned the Bangalore pavement said, their work and painting of wall wouldn't stop people from throwing litter; not until the 60 resident families on Tavarakere Rd. put in place a waste disposal system.
But then, if we do mobilize a group to clean up the pavement in front of Mantri's, and put it on YouTube, the video would go viral, and it might  move some others into action. 


  1. It is really a yeomen service by Oracle techies and I hope that those who read this article will like to do similar service here also.

  2. Mr Saibaba, At Mantri Synergy,Padur, we have founded OMR Greens. Would be nice, if you could give us a hand. OMR Greens are on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/OmrGreens
    We have YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr46GxPFCKTizdVtqX2wfbg/videos

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