Sunday, September 23, 2012

Automen back OMR Greens

A Padur autorickshaw driver Sudharkan gave me the idea. I asked him if he knew any place from where we could hire shovel, pickaxe and other implements to collect garbage, he wanted to know why I needed them. When I mentioned about OMR Greens plan to clear a trash heap on pavement in front of Mantri Synergy residential complex Sudhakaran offered to join in, and also bring his auto-driver friends. The auto stand at Hindustan University main gate has 17 registered auto-drivers.

But then when Vasu and I went to the auto stand the other day to talk to drivers about our Sept.29 trash-busting programme Sudhakaran wasn't there. But another auto-driver friend Yesu introduced us to his friends. I told them about our drive to create public awareness about the need to keep the space around us clean. The auto-drivers readily agreed to help. They said the local auto-drivers union would support OMR Greens.

We told them OMR Greens would reciprocate their help in a drive to clean their auto stand. I was particulary interested in getting them to  paste OMR Greens sticker on their vehicles. The auto drivers didn't need much persuasion to agree to our request.

It is now for us to design and get printed bumper-stickers. Which costs money. Any sponsors ? Meanwhile we have uploaded a 5-min video in two parts on YouTube.. Don't go by its quality. My amateurish attempt to record video with camera, while carrying on a chat with autodrivers is clumsy. I couldn't even focus on the faces while talking to them. But the audio track conveys a clear message of  automen's support to our green movement.                                   

Automen back us (2 min.28 sec)
Automen join Greens (2 min.07 sec.)

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  1. Really a great effort by Shri GVK which should be supported by everyone. It is also nice to hear that the auto drivers have agreed to join OMR Green movement.