Saturday, September 22, 2012

OMR Greens bring out a T-shirt

 OMR Greens founder member Mr.Neeraj Singh has designed a T-shirt, which can be ordered by those who subscribe to the community cause. The first consignment of 10 shirts has been received.
Idea is to order a another lot of T-shirts, online  this weekend, so that we get them before Saturday next, Sept.29, when we plan to take on the first task of  clearing  the trash heap that has developed on the pavement right in front of Manti Synergy residential complex at Padur, OMR.

You don't have to wear our T-shirt to join us in trash-busting, but it helps in promoting our visibility, if participants can get one to wear,  in time for the T-Day. It takes four days for an order to be delivered.
As of now we rely on Neeraj to take care of T-shirts ordering. As someone who designed the shirt in a self-design-and-order website, it was expedient for him to do the ordering as well. Those who wish to acquire OMR Greens shirt could phone or e-mail Neeraj.  T-shirt costs Rs.400.
Neeraj can be accessed at ; Phone- 9600159307

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