Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eco-cab - a modified cycle rickshaw

Photo -  Chennai Focus,  for whom I have this question - Is it the cab designer, Sivaraj Muthuraman, at the driving seat ?

It's a three-seater vehicle that runs with solar energy, battery and by pedaling....Its running distance per charge is 150km and it can do a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

 As I read about the vehicle - looks a moon-lander, doesn't it -  I thought of  Mantri's and other gated communities on OMR,  where  such a vehicle can be used  for movement of residents, particularly the seniors, within the campus. Some airport, railway stations, even Chettinad Hospital in Kelambakkam,  deploy battery-operated golf-carts.
At Mantri's we have a long driveway, and padestrians - seniors, and others getting off an MTC bus with luggage - can do with an eco cab to take them from the main gate to their residential blocks. It gets rather hot on our driveway during summer days. A couple of  eco cabs, placed at our main security gate, would facilitate movement within Mantri campus.

Wonder if our residents association would consider acquiring a cab or two for Mantri's.  Designer Sivaraj Muthuraman reckons it's relatively cheaper, and easy to drive and maintain -  'Conventional battery-operated vehicles are expensive, even costing to up to Rs 4 lakh. In comparison, an Eco Free Cab would cost about Rs 80,000.'

Reference: Rickshaw gets an eco makeover.

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