Saturday, September 15, 2012

Donation delivery in Chennai

A lot of us have noble intentions –  of give away things for the needy..  But not  many of  us can spare the time to do  whatever  it takes to translate our intent to reality.  To bridge the gap between intention and reality  Maheedhar Raman, a Chennai Chartered Accountant, and his friend  Pradeep Mohan (must be a web-designer),  have founded a delivery agency.   BridgeTheGap  facilitates people who want to donate things,  but don’t have a clue as to how to go about doing it, or  who might want to use them.  Raman and Mohan have figured out a way to reach your gifts  to the needy.
All you  do is log in and fill out an online form,  listing the items you wish to donate,  and specify the address and time  you want them picked up.  Raman/Mohan do the pick up on weekends  and bear the transport cost.  They accept anything that is useable – clothes (old and new),  books,   furniture,  electronics and home appliances;  check/cash (if that is all you have , to give away); sponsor meals,  tuition fees,  and donation of medicines and provisions.   Contact –;  9789040473.
BridgeTheGap  is part of a wider  network -  DoingGoodFellows  - that seeks to bring  people who volunteer their skills/expertise  in contact with  NGOs  that could use their services.  Most of us have the intention, but lack the time and resources to identify those needing our services.  With the result,  our intent to do good remains untapped.  Their website,  citing a study,  says only 12 percent of those wanting to do something good end up doing what they wished.
The team running the site includes  Sajid Sharif,  Bombay IIT and Stanford graduate, who works in a consultancy firm in New York.
Palak Dalal, IIT-Bombay, worked at an education non-profit – Avanti; plans to do MBA from Harvard Business School.
Revathy Muralidharan, advocate practicing at  Madras High Court,is passionate about bringing change through the legal system.
Luigi Wewege,  Partner at Nikau Global a New Zealand based international trade company;  MBA from MIB – School of Management in Trieste,  Italy

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