Thursday, September 6, 2012

Additions to R and S Shelf

I picked up the other day S V Divvaakar's novel,  The Winner's Price, from the Read & Share Shelf at Mantri's  D block lobby. An interesting fiction set in today's IT era India,  with a story featuring a bunch of IIT alumni. It's, as its  author says, about life beyond the college campus.
It was thoughtful of the book's donor - Kalyani Rangarajan (E-703) - to leave her name and contact number. This helps those of us, book borrowers, thank the donor, and, possibly,  discuss with her/him the book after we are done with it.. Following Ms Rangarajan's cue, I started scribbling my e-mail ID on the books I leave on  the shelf, just in case anyone who picks up one of my books wants to get in touch. Meanwhile, I have left the following titles at our R & S Shelf:      
Rush Limbaugh's  'The Way Things Ought to Be'
Women's Work, a novel by Anee Tolstoi Wallach
Allen Iverson, the legend of an NBA superstar
Michael Jordan's Last Comeback, When Nothing Else Matters
The Hughes Papers by Ealine Davenport
The Greening of America by Charles A Reich
Beloved Infidel by Sheilah Graham
Reel Power by Mark Litwak
B R Chopra's Mahabharatham (in Tamil)
How to Build a Better Vocabulary.

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