Saturday, October 13, 2012

OMR Greens - Review 13/10

With barely 3 days left for the start of  Navarathri celebrations at Mantri Synergy residential complex, a  OMR Greens activist,  Neeraj Singh , has volunteered to take up with Madhumita and friends modalities of the  Greens involvement by way of  1) designing a display of kolu toys depicting a scene from Trash-busting 29/9 (to be cleared by kolu organisers); and
2) Organising a children's film evening - showing 10-15 min. OMR Greens video, and a feature film - Cars -1.  Mr Arvind Rajgopaul  has agreed to provide digital copy for the film show. Date , to be decided in consultation with programme organisers.
Incidentally, Mr Rajgopaul would be happy to loan his grandson's toy-train set (Thomas and Friends) for Kolu display,  if Navarathri organisers would be interested.
Our next trash-busting is scheduled on  Saturday, Oct.20, at Padur main bus stop on the main street. Plan is, OMR Greens volunteers plan to assemble at Mantri's main gate at 8 a m, and march to Padur with their cleaning gear. Padur panchayat chief is expected to join them on the job around 9 a m.
Meanwhile a 2 min, video on the current status of the trash dump (pathetic) that was cleaned up two weeks back has been uploaded on YouTube : Trash is back 

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