Monday, October 22, 2012

Navarathri @ MantriSynergy, OMR

The young ladies organizing community Kolu (display of dolls) at our clubhouse were keen on projecting a green message; and Neeraj of  OMR Greens, with Sundeep, landscaped a model (see photo) that has a windmill towering over a green patch. I would like to see, wouldn't you, our apartments owners association taking a cue from Sundeep/Neeraj model, and take a shot at setting up rooftop windmills at  Mantri Synergy. My friends and D block neighbour , Mr Sriraj, has expressed his willingness to offer his apartment terrace for putting up a hybrid solar-wind power generation unit, as a pilot programme.
Meanwhile, as part of Navarthri celebrations a rangoli contest was held at our clubhouse last weekend. My favourite entry,  picked out for its message, is the rangoli that talks about the oneness of people, of different religious faiths, and of the green imperative for saving Planet Earth.
And then I happened to visit Ms Lakshmi Gopalan's (F 603) apartment, where the kolu she has set up depicts urbanisation of rual Padur, in the wake of real estate development all  around the village  - Akshaya,Oak Tree, Rosedale, and, of course Mantri Synergy. Mrs Gopalan's landscape reflects transition of Padur,from village to a township, as a result of our moving into their neighbourhood. The Kolu artist also takes note of our new-found neighbourhood community initiative - OMR Greens.
Lakshmi Gopalan's Kolu on YouTube.

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