Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OMR Greens - an update

First, something that's not so nice and encouraging.
Within 2 weeks of our 29/9 trash-busting on OMR , Padur,  garbage is back on the site - like the curl of a dog's tail that we sought to straighten out (to use the anology of a friend of mine). But then wasn't this anticipated ? Trash littered all around OMR Greens concrete bin (costing Rs.1,000) shows, if anything, that we still have a long way to go in educating the uninformed. Maybe, after some weeks, we need to revisit the site, and call it, Trash-busting 29/10. Meanwhile,let us move the panchayat to get the bin emptied now and then. 
Now, the positives: We heard from a resident at Thoraipakkam that his community would like to be associated with OMR Greens. Isn't that encouraging ?
Padur panchayat chief would like us to trash-bust at Padur main street (bus stop), preferably, this Sat. Oct.13. He also wants  OMR Greens T-shirt to wear. Of course, he has his own agenda. Who doesn't ?
Our agenda is to get Panchayat chief on our side. He may not be much of a help, but he wouldn't be a hindrance to our plans. Mr Gopalan R would want us to take out a anwareness march through Padur streets, carrying 'green' placards.
We plan to approach Hindustan University authorities for planning a joint programme to clean their vicinity. We already have the backing of the auto-stand people.
From viewpoint of some youngsters in OMR Greens, we are not moving fast enough. For instance, Neeraj 'B' Singh spoke, at our review meet last night, of organising a OMR photo contest, and approaching companies with CSR account for sponsorship. We reckon he wants us to move at bullet speed. The 'B' I have put in as his middle name stands for 'bullet'

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