Sunday, October 14, 2012

OMR Greens: Placards wanted

We are looking for school students who can help us with painting placards on cardboard sheets, taken  from discarded packing cases. The cards would carry environment-related messages, preferably, in Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Bwngali and English.
Whatever the language, the message is the same. Idea is to address these messages to people at Padur, which is also home for students and migrant workers from other states.
OMR Greens plans trash-busting 20/10 at Padur. After cleaning up garbage along Padur main street near the bus stand, we propose to march through the streets in Padur, carrying placards with green messages such as:

1) We're Trash Busters - 'kuppai ozhippu padai' (in Tamil)
2) Plant Trees, Banish Trash
Marum Nedu; Kuppai Eadu (Tamil)
3) Trash-busting 20/10, Padur
Save the Lake, Save Water
5) OMR Greens
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It would help, if you turn in your placards (don't forget to sign your name,Class, School, at the bottom) by Sat. morning. That is, before
8.00 a m (start from Mantri gates in procesion)
Padur Main Street (near bus stand)
Trash-busting (8.15 - 9.30 a m)
Green Awareness march (9.30 a m) through Padur streets.

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