Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Author in IT Corridor

We don't usually associate IT software with creative fiction. But a senior IT company executive at Ascendas IT Park, Ms Lakshmisudha, is a weekend writer, and has published 19 novels.
Her first title : Solai Malarozhiye.
Her 20th novel, still in the works, is Mounam Un Mozhiya ?
Her message : Follow your inner voice;it helps you make right decisions at the write time.
Would like to hear more on this, from her, wouldn't you; would like to invite her to talk to us at the Clubhouse library, when Mantri Synergy acquires a critical mass of residents.
Meanwhile her work is available onine at www.sangapalagai.com.
The writer's contact details: 9841006452; lakshmisudha2010@yahoo.com
Sourced this post from a write up in The Hindu by Saraswathy Srinivasan.
Photo, by S Abishek, has been scanned from The Hindu.

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