Sunday, September 11, 2011

To the Clubhouse, this way please

Sadly, there is loads more to life in Mantri's than the rainbow and the colourful shades of Sunrise. Such as, this patch of unmade driveway that leads to the Clubhouse.
Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to dump construction debris to patch up waterlogging.Movement of trucks over the dump made it worse; negotiating uneven slush and mud was worse than wading through the puddles with your shoes in hand.
It was a challenge,making our way back home from the Clubhouse, Saturday night, after the children's film-show.Bad road and poor lighting on the approach to Clubhouse,was perhaps, a reason for the disappointing turnout at the film show.
Before the start of film show (7 p m) PropCare had arranged to cobble a narrow walkway,with cement blocks,to help us through the puddles, all the way up to the Clubhouse. This was okay. But then,later in the evening, somebody had a bright idea to dump truckloads of earth debris on the puddles, making it particularly tough to tread on uneven slush and trash on our way back from the Clubhouse.

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  1. Dear Mr Ravi

    Nice blogs. Apt. I told Mr GVK that I stopped my parents going to the Club to view the movie with the children due to the debris all around. This is despite Balaji informing me that he will provide lights & lay stones, which he did but the lorry rules this path & dumped earth. I suppose it will remain this way for another 4 Saturdays but I do hope residents undertake this `PalanKuzhi` & return back home safe. Please continue to contribute. All thanks to GVK. Sriraj - D 1202