Friday, September 9, 2011

At Mantri's this weekend (Sept.10-11)

Children's Film show
Clubhouse TV Room
7 p m, Saturday (Sept.10)

Happy Hoilidays WordFriends (WordWorld series) - running time - 33 mins.
Ed Murphy Dr.Dolittle - 85 mins.
Mr Pravin (B-408),with the able support of his daughter Nitya, has volunteered to take care of the proceedings (9600045537)

Sunday Vegetables
Driveway near 'D' Block
5-7 p m, Sunday (Sept.11)

We hope Mr Raghavan of Angaadi.In would bring in the vegetables van on time, this time. He turned up an hour late last Sunday, his first, turning away quite a few residents who had come for shopping on time. Not a good start.
But then, as Mr Raghavan says, on-site vending is not their strong point.Their USP is online sale/home delivery of fruits and vegetables. He sticks to his word when it comes to online delivery. I tried him earlier this week.
Sunday Angaadi at Mantri's is an interim arrangement, for the next four weeks or more, until we get the Clubhouse grocery stores (October end, they say).

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