Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Reflexology Path/Garden for Mantri Synergy

Dear All,

Some time ago when we were in discussion with the older management regarding the amenities for our property, Mr Shankar mentioned that Mantri was planning an exercise area for our senior residents, including a foot-reflexology path.

I don't know if this plan is still in the pipe-line or whether it has been shelved. However, having had the wonderful opportunity to have a half hour foot reflexology massage this past weekend, I feel that many can benefit from having a path of this nature to walk on.

In Singapore, it was the in-thing for such reflexology paths to be laid out in the common or recreational part of each housing development area from way back in the '80's. It does not require much space. And it was very much enjoyed by all the residents who lived there.

Benefits: (http://www.ehow.com/about_5052171_benefits-foot-reflexology.html#ixzz1Z85odmTl)

Foot reflexology has been known to bring about extreme relaxation and a sense of well being to a person. This feeling can last long after the treatment is provided. Reflexology has been reported to have "healed" people of back pain, menopause symptoms and diabetic foot ulcers. People struggling with multiple sclerosis have reported relief with some symptoms associated with disease. However, reflexology in and of itself is only a compliment to traditional medical techniques in most cases.

If you would like to read more about the history and benefits of foot-reflexology:
Benefits of Foot Reflexology | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5052171_benefits-foot-reflexology.html#ixzz1Z85odmTl

I also did a bit of research on how to set up a reflexology garden:


If there are enough interested people, we could perhaps do it on our own - it would be fun and we could end up with our first ever Synergy residents' beatification-of-surroundings-project!

I propose that this garden be put alongside the well (to its left). Looking down at the well from the vantage point of my 12th floor apartment, I have noticed that the pathway laid out around this well next to E & F blocks is decidedly asymmetrical. This is not bad in itself, but I think we could make use of the remaining space for something aesthetic and beneficial like this proposed garden/pathway.

I welcome any comments anyone has regarding this.

Warm regards,

(Anuradha Nair - D1204)


  1. An interesting proposal that appears to have been shelved. This is the first I have heard of this. Must admit my ignorance about Reflexology path.

  2. This is a good suggestion. We can ask Sivaram/Manoj if they have any plans.. If not, then we should set up one on our own...