Monday, September 26, 2011

Synergy - 2 status

Mr Raaj Shankar (A-108) awaiting possession of his flat has in his post at CommonFloor shares the following info. on Synergy - 2 status as he found it during his visit on Sunday (Sept.25):
Last Sunday , I was there to visit my flat (A-108) in Mantri Synergy –II. A block one of the lift is functioning now and front lobby was cleaned and it seems that they start giving possession from last three floors. Already two families start living in A block. (5th and 12th). I was visiting one the flat in 11th floor. It was ready without modular kitchen and ward robe.
During my visit, I was told by one of the resident, Sushil Mantri was here at synergy site last week and he spent around 3hrs to review the status. Further he has given a ultimatum to their employees for complete all the block before 3rd week of October including C block.

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