Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Better Place

A talk with the Mantri Synergy-2 residents @ GVK's residence on 31st August started making me think aloud,what are the ways in which we can make our community a better place. Here I have just collated all the ideas which got floated in that stimulating 90 minutes of discussion with Sriraj, Chakraborty, GVK, Nair & Saurav. Also it helps to solve the pressing needs of the community in a more ecologically sustainable way. A few ideas which I have listed thanks to Chakraborty's prioritization :-
1. Electricity/Power
Being in the Sun City Chennai. How about having Solar panels installed within the campus. A few places which I could think of were the Terrace's of the Apartments, the pyramid shaped structures @ the center of the blocks.
2. Water
We already have a rain water harvesting facility in the campus, However is it possible to re-use the water so harvested and used by us instead of letting it go back to the earth. Since as I understood it from Sriraj's explanation, the clay underneath the campus isnt conducive for water storage.
Also on a more regular basis, along with Sewage Treatment Plant, can we also look @ re-using the A/C water re-use. Refer to Sriraj's blog @
3. Trees.
Thanks to GVK. I was very motivated reading other like minded souls endeavors in this regard @ Also we have taken the right steps here considering the Trees which we have planted last month. Refer to
4. Waste Recycling
Saurav's idea of segregating the waste's from each flat into bio-degradable and the rest is a good starting point. Refer to Also per Sriraj's idea if its not possible to process the kitchen waste so accumulated within the campus, the same could be sent to vermicomposting facilities eg our neighbours Hindustan University
5. Synergy a plastic free zone
Could we insist that the departmental store to be setup in the campus be Plastic free.

It would be great if we can incorporate these as part of our Association goals. The good thing about these are the concrete actions already taken by the Synergy community. I feel proud to be a part of this :-)

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