Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mantri's response

The Mantri's management say they are awaiting architect's approval for relocating the children's play area. Their statement comes in response to a 17-point memo by Mantri residents. In their memo the residents said the present location of the play area, behind the clubhouse, is not acceptable because 1) it is close to a gas-bank;2) the designated space is cramped; and 3) there is little space for seating elders who accompany the kids. We can't afford to have a toddlers play area with no facilities for parental supervision.
The management,on our repeated plea, has agreed to re-locate the play area; and claims to have identified a location. But the Mantri's management doesn't consider it necessary to share info., let alone consult residents about new location for the children's play area.
Shouldn't the residents, who pay for the facility and are its end-users, have the prime say ? Do Architects have better credentials than resident-parents in the choice of what is best suited for children? In fact,it was the architect who chose, in the first place, to locate the play area in a cramped space, close to a gas-bank, behind the club-house.
Why can't Mantri's consult Pravin (B- block), Ram Kumar (H-block), Saurav (D-block), Saurav Mohanty (C-block) and several other parents with young children ?

Mantri's response to the other 16 points raised in the residents memo can be accessed here.

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