Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A neem to celebrate your schooling

Dear Nikhil and Sidharth,
It has been nearly a month since you started schooling at San Ramon Montessori. And Patti and I plan to plant a sapling in our apartment complex, Mantri Synergy, to celebrate the occasion. We have chosen neem, a species that you are unlikely to find in your California neighbourhood.
This is Aadit, a shenbagum sapling we planted in June to celebrate the first-born in our Mantri complex. The plant - you can see fresh leaves coming up - is now three-month's old. So is Aadit, born to Smitha and Arya Chakraborti who live in F-904.
I can hear you both screaming,'Oh,no, not here',as I tell you this is where your sapling will come up. But then Sivaram uncle,who takes care our complex, has promised to get this patch cleaned and leveled for planting by this Saturday.
That is when we plan to have our community tree-planting programme. Apart from the start of your schooling, we would celebrate with saplings the first Mantri Synergy resident, Mr Nambiar. The Nambiars moved into their ground-floor flat in G block in February (I guess). Your patti and I were the seventh occupants when we moved here in mid-April. We now have nearly 50 residents in the complex that would eventually house 700 plus families.
Our housing complex is maintained by PropCare that has people working in house-keeping and security departments. They are part of our Mantri Synergy community.
And this Saturday when we plant a sapling for you - Nikhil and Sidharth - we also would plant saplings to celebrate those workers who are learning while earning. Our security men - Vishnu, Manikandan, and Rajesh work night shifts to be able to attend college during the day. Other employees who are studying for higher diploma are Ezhumalai (maintenance in charge), and Aashik(who takes care of our BSNL phoneline and broadband).
Patti and I would send you pictures after tree-planting, for you to share with your school friends.
Community tree-planting
5.30 p m ,Saturday, Oct.1.
Close to the I block gas-bank

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