Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neibhourhood barber

This leaflet slipped into my copy of The Hindu advertises Black & White, a barber shop at Kelambakkam. They have 10 other shops in Chennai, and also six outstation branches in towns such as Pondy, Erode,Tirupur and Pollachi.
They charge Rs.70 for haircut.I have been getting it done for Rs.50, or even Rs.40 at Padur. But then B&W is air-conditioned. The place claims to have car parking facility, and they accept credit-cards. It is walkable, but not by all, and not all the time. The bus fare to Kelambakkam from Mantri's is Rs.5, Rs. 10 by AC Volvo, and Rs. 30, if you take an auto.
My D block neighbour Mr Sampath Iyengar who has been there says the place is clean. He was not sure if AC unit works when there is powercut, which happens often.
The other thing Mr Iyengar said the Kelambakkam outfit opens late (7.30-8.00 a m).

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  1. I have been there as well.. The place is good... They do start late at 8AM and closes at 9PM.... But from Navalur to Kelambakkam... I would say B&W is good and clean....