Sunday, September 25, 2011

Case for energy auditing

Mr Harinarayan of D block has raised a point about our failure to switch-off lights in the common area when we don't need them.I took these photos around 6.30 a m yesterday (Saturday).
We have day-break nowadays around 5.45 a m. These outdoor lights yesterday were switched off at 6.45, an hour after day-break.Mr Harinarayan's point ought to set us thinking about energy auditing. We could put our heads together to come up with a check-list of ways by which we can cut down power consumption in common areas and also in our households.
I have read about a youth group that trains students in energy-auditing that they can put to use in their neighbourhood.Student residents in Mantri Synergy(and we have quite a few) could come forward to conduct energy auditing in our apartments and give suggestions on how residents can adopt energy conservation methods.Far from being seen as unwelcome residents the students in our complex can endear themselves to the community with such social volunteering initiative.
A website on sustainable environment for quality of life lists 100 ways to save environment.Of these 28 points pertains to conserving energy. This could a good reference site for us to draw up our energy-audit check-list.
Point.27: Connect your outdoor lights to a timer.

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  1. Point.17: Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money and energy.
    Wonder what kind of bulbs we have on D block corridors, and at ground-floor lobby near lift bay in all blocks.