Monday, September 5, 2011

Some slogans for Mantri synergy,Kelambakkam

Hello mantrites,

I thought we could have a slogan for our Mantri synergy,Kelambakkam. Depending upon all our views, we can choose what we think would be a right one . To do this we all need to contribute each of our ideas and see which suits us. I hope everyone would give their comments on this.Looking forward for all our ideas to be shared.My picks are as follows :

1) «live a life in synergy it's a kind of magic.»

2) «Everyone should believe in the synergy.»

3) «the synergy for the masses.»

4) «Live the synergy.»

5) «Feel the magic of synergy with energy.»

6) «Think. Feel. synergy with energy.»

7) «life in synergy, just the best.»

8) «Be part of life in synergy.»

9) «live a life in synergytastic!»

10) «the synergy, love it or leave it.»


  1. Wow... every single one of your slogans sucks on so many levels... synergytastic? Sucksalot-tastic weirdotastic. troll.

  2. 'Feel the magic of synergy with energy' _ it will be a nice pick.