Sunday, August 28, 2011

STP pipe burst

There has been a breakdown in the sewage treatment plant. And Mantri maintenance has been at work since Saturday afternoon trying to fix a pipe burst. As an upshot, we haven't had water in the master bed-room toilet in our D block flat since yesterday afternoon. Our toilet was still dry when we checked, this morning (Sunday). Mercifully, we have water supply in the other two bathrooms.
We are having to put up with a temperamental toilet in the master bedroom, because water supply to the flush comes from STP. And the sewage treatment plant has not been behaving properly ever since they set it up. There is no knowing when our bedroom toilet would go dry. I am all for water recycling conservation,only if, and this is a big IF, we can make it work reasonably well. STP at Mantri's often runs out of water or otherwise gets out of order every now and then. Our issue is not with water recycling, but the unreliability of the functioning of our toilet.It's time, isn't it, we thought of a backup pipeline (from regular source) to the bedroom toilet. For STP breaks down every other day.
Another point: Why can't PropCare staff answer the phone at times such as this ? You call 'help' phone with little success ; Maintenance supervisor's mobile goes 'out of reach' (Couldn't PropCare,with Airtel support, do something to ensure that cell phone signal covers all parts of Mantri complex, including the basement ?)
I got someone to answer the phone , on my 5th attempt, and that was how I came to know of the STP pipe burst. Had PropCare been proactive, and informed, on their own, residents ( it means making 40 internal calls) of the STP pipe burst, they could have spared us such unpleasant surprise, and saved me a few cell call charges.


  1. Dear Mr. GVK,
    Another way of informing the residents would be to post it in this very blog. -PravinML

  2. Dear Mr GVK & Pravin

    I think the time has come for us to take the next step with PropCare. Nearly 48 hours after the Pipe line burst or cable fire (as told to me) there has been no rectification. The Association must be formed now & we must make these people answerable. We have to frame a Service Level Agreement with PropCare/Mantri & if they are not capable of delivering, these Dunstons can check out ! Sriraj.