Thursday, August 25, 2011

Children's movie show

Saturday, August 27
7 p m
Club House

A few us at Mantri's reckon it may not be a bad idea to bring together children in our complex for film viewing at the Clubhouse. We plan to share our individual collections of the DVDs that our children grew up watching. On a recent US trip my wife and I collected a few DVDs from our grandchildren - Sidharth,6, and Nikhil, 3 plus - for sharing them with their peer group Mantri Synergy. Mr Sriraj of D-1202 has DVDs that NASA Srinivas, his school-going son, has grown out of.
The first of the children's movie show is scheduled on Saturday,August 27, at 7 p m. We have at Mantri's children, aged three-months upward. And we happen to have a few 30-minute DVDs in 'Baby Einstein' series that Walt Disney produce for 0-3 age-group. I would like to watch how the three-month old Aadit responds to Baby Einstein.
Among other DVDs in my collection are:
Fisher-Price - Musical Baby (for 3 months plus)
Elmo's World : The Great Outdoors
PBS Happy Holidays
Man's Best Friend - Dog Adventures (a 5-movie DVD)
Eddie Murphy's Dr.Dolittle
Dunston Checks In
Mr Sriraj says his son Srinivas, in Ooty boarding school, has left behind a wide-ranging DVD collection, including Harry Potter, Lion King, Sherk and Michael Palin's Himalayan Journey.
If we make a go of children's movie viewing, weekly or twice a month, we could think of tapping the children's film society, the British Council and USIS for loaning us children's movie.


  1. Dear Mr GVK

    I think `Dunston Checks in` would be a very apt start ! I shall pick this from you & give it to Mr Sivaram to run the test as this is the first time. I am sure Aadit will respond to Dunston if not Einstein. :-)) Sriraj.

  2. Dear Mr. GVK,
    We moved into Mantri this week. The movie show was thorougly enjoyed both my daughter, Nitya and me. A BIG THANK YOU :-) PravinML

  3. Welcome to the community, Mr Pravin. Nice to learn Nitya and you like what we are trying to do. Would be happy to have your participation in our activities, and your input to this blog. Do let us have your e-mail ID so that we can send you a formal invite to become a contributor to the blog. My ID -