Monday, June 13, 2011

Our `First Night` at Synergy - D 1202

Having moved in with men (women) & material, it took the whole day & night trying to put things in its place. The excercise was satisfying though when me & my wife hit the new sack around mid-night, I could not sleep perhaps due to change of place or worried about when I could have my newspaper delivered in the morning. We live on the 12th floor & did have a few `winged-visitors` that I always call `mobile blood banks`. Have to put up with these guests till construction debris are moved away from Block - C next to our block. I did wake up fresh to the cool air that always flows through the apartment with dust despite the bamboo curtains in our living & MBR balconies. The 5 hour sleep was good enough to start the day looking at the blue sky (Monday morning blues? ) & its grey clouds bringing hope to the trees on the ground. Talking trees, we are sure to plant one sapling this week for Adit, the first citizen of Synergy. Back to normal life. Friends, move in & make a difference. Sriraj - D 1202.


  1. Speaking of the morning sky, we occasionally have the rising sun paint a riot of colours. See photo at

  2. GVK is DMK (Raising Sun) as his apartment balconies faces East & to the sea.

    I am AIADMK (Which loves to see the `Sun-Set` for ever!) as my balconies faces West.

    Good to miss the party flags but sad to miss the trees. After Mr GVK`s suggestion, I wrote to Mantris & we do have a response but not enough. Nevertheless for acts such as these to welcome the first citizen of Synergy, GVK is Anna Hazare & I am his `Thondan`. Let the `Party` begin at Synergy.


  3. I don't think Mr Hazare would feel flattered. For I have no Gandhian trait in me. Besides, I am not sure if I would have enjoyed the kind of life Anna had led. By choice, and conviction I would opt for a life less perfect, if I can have some fun living it.