Friday, June 3, 2011

A cow for the puja

We ran into them early this morning at the E Block parking lot - a cow and her calf. They were brought from nearby Padur for grahapravesam, at a Floor 6 flat in Mantri Synergy. The house-owners had to come down to do the honours for the sacred cow and her calf. For cows don't climb stairs or take a lift.
The cow for the ceremony was arranged by 'Pumpkin' Ranganathan, who said there was puja at as many as five flats this morning. Asked how much he charged,Mr Ranganathan's stock reponse was, 'give whatever pleases you'. But then what you choose to give doesn't invariably 'please' him. Pressed for a specific figure Mr Ranganathan came up with Rs.2,000, which he surely knew he wouldn't get. The eventual price you settle for depends on your propensity to bargain.
Mr Ranganathan can be reached at 9092725791


  1. Dear Mr GK

    Blame Inflation. I am sure, with 600 apartments in Synergy, 400 visits of cow & calf may be a need. Let us get Sivaram to have a cow shed ( near swimming pool for easy washing ). Propcare can make Rs.2000 x 400 visits = Rs. 8,00,000 ! The wonder is the cow can give you another calf in about a year or so & we can outsource them to other upcoming residences. We need to monoploize this quickly. Lest us Mooooooo fast. Sriraj.

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