Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First born at Mantri Synergy

Smitha and Arya Chakraborty of F-904 have a baby boy, their first; born May 30 at Chettinad Hospital. The baby has yet to be named. His grandpa Ardhendu,who has a couple of names in mind,asked if I had any suggestion. Mr Chakraborty and I meet on a daily basis. I started going to the gym only after I met Mr Charaborty; he initiated me into the Clubhouse.

Grandpa Chakraborty at the Clubhouse

Whatever name the family gives,in my reckoning the child's middle name ought to be 'Mantri'. For he the first-born in our residential complex.It calls for celebration. And the eco-friendly Mantri's,in consultation with the Chakraborthys, should celebrate the occasion by planting a sapling in the complex to mark the first child-birth in the Mantri Synergy family. The child growing with the tree, would develop an affinity with it when he grows up.
Wouldn't it be nice, if PropCare mark out planting spaces around the complex or designate a corner for planting sampling to celebrate future events in the Mantri community.
Those who wish to congratulate Smitha/Arya can dial 044 29856054


  1. I think Mr Ardhendu is with Standard Chartered & we did meet many months before during one of our meetings within the Yahoo group on how to take Synergy forward. Hearty congratulations to the couple & YES....calls for celebrations & to plant a sapling so they grow together. All the best Dada Ardhendu ! Sriraj.


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