Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our apartment complex

A massive signboard has come up on top end of the 12-floor 'D' block. As a resident, and a minor stakeholder in the betterment of Mantri Synergy,I do not endorse Mantri's idea of promoting their brand. My post in another photo blog evoked this comment: "The sign and the building together are not a good example of synergy".
Anyway, my friend and Mantri neighbour Mr Sriraj has raised a point that Mantri's cannot ignore; it pertains to the safety and stability of putting up such mega signage without air-holes, at a height where wind velocity at times assumes gale force. The point is Mr Sriraj, I understand, brought this to the notice of the supervising staff while they were putting up the signage.
We are among the first movers at Mantri Synergy. Work on six of the nine blocks is still in progress. The developers, who had earlier offered to complete the project in mid-2010 have since had to review the target date repeatedly. Their current target for project completion is early September, when Mantri Synergy would, hopefully, have 700 odd families.

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