Monday, May 23, 2011

Doorstep service

There is no knowing when Mantri Synergy would have an in-house departmental stores. No retail chain appears enthusiastic. Besides, they would want to see the numbers (of cocupants) before talking terms. As of now, only 20 flats are occupied. It would be four to six weeks before we see a critical mass of residents that would persuade a retail chain to think of setting up shop at Mantri Synergy.
Meanwhile we have Murugan, a bright young lad on two-wheeler who delivers newspapers/milk (at my 'D' flat around 7 a m). Mr Murugan who belongs to MTS, a service agency retained by PropCare brings us drinking water can. We occasionally request Mr Murguan to get us fresh wheat bread from Adyar (from where he brings other items) Occasionally, we rely on him to get us fruits from Kelambakkam. To contact Murugan you leave a word with his boss Mr Linganathan (8825389400)
Mr Sriraj who plans to move in to my block this month-end has raised a query regarding vegs and grocery. He could tap Mr Ranganathan (9092725791), a resourceful 'pumpkin man' from Padur. He offers to bring vegetables on daily basis, and grocery whenever we require. He bills us Rs.10 (bus fare, he claims) for every trip to Kelampakkam/Padur he makes for us. I see him on a bicycle, but then we don't grudge him the bus fare. Incidentally, AC bus ride to Kelambakkam costs Rs.10 one way.
Mr Nambiar in 'F' block, who,I reckon, was the first to move in, gave us a reference to a Kelambakkam store - KVR Shoppe - to which you can phone in your grocery list. Home delivery is free, if your bill exceeds Rs.500. Contact - 9884997814. Mr Sriraj asked about 'iron man'. The issue has yet to be addressed. Maybe Mr Linganathan (MTS) and Mr Sivaram (PropCare) can put in place some arrangement.

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