Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beehive in Block 'C'

These flats, they say, wouldn't be ready for occupation till August-end. But bees have already moved in on Floor 11 of 'C' Block.
I took this shot from my mother's bed-room window at D-901. We first became aware of the beehive a few days back when we started having some unwelcome visitors droning into our apartment after lights-on. That is when my wife would get into the act with a folded copy of The Hindu . It takes some unsuccessful swipes with The Hindu and swift footwork to get at him. After the bee is done to death we shut the windows or switch-off unneeded lights. Such is our daily evening routine at Mantri Synergy nowadays.
We had a bees issue in our Mysore apartment, from where we moved to Mantri's in mid-April.

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  1. I understand the stings of living near a hive. The best solution is to call a `Naari Kuravan` & he tactfully picks out the Queen Bee & replaces it in a different place. The price we pay him for this is the hive with honey. It is also very depressing to see them dead in huge numbers by removing their homes just to have our`s. I think a humane approach is required & hope PropCare/Mantri does this in future or we will have no mangoes left on the OMR. Please. Sriraj.