Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Mantri pool shot

At Mantri's clubhouse pool,  Dayavant (G-block), who isn't even 2,  takes to water as if he has the run of the place.


  1. Unfortunately the club house facilities including the beautiful swimming pool have been denied to the tenants like me. My grand daughter, came from Hyderabad to spend her holidays with us thinking that she can enjoy the facilities available, was very much disappointed when we told her that she can not enjoy these facilities.

    We only use the path around the complex for our daily walking exercise and not enjoying any other club house facilities but I am paying huge maintenance charge of Rs.5000 as against the amount fixed by the association which is less than Rs.4000. As the maintenance charges include the charges for maintaining the club house facilities,declining the club house facilities to the tenants is not at all justifiable and I don't think such type of giving different treatment to the owners and tenants is prevailing in any other apartment complexes either in India or abroad.

  2. Thank you Sri GVK for raising this issue at the appropriate forum and now it is clarified that the restrictions for the tenants(except students) for the use of club house facilities have been removed from 23rd April 2012.

  3. Hi GVK,

    I have been following this blog to know about OMR highrise lifestyle since I also booked an apartment in a similar project.

    How is the pool & club usage. Are they sufficient for 700+ apartments? Aren't crowded?

    What is your opinion about pacifica aurum?


  4. Hi GVK,

    Can you please provide your inputs on the pool & club usage of mantri synergy. How crowded is there, are they sufficient for 700+ apartments?

    Also if you write a post about the usage, it will be very helpful for future/aspiring residents of OMR.


  5. Would appreciate if we refrain from leaving Anonymous comments. Mantri pool, which, I guess, hasn't be designed for swimming enthusiasts, is okay for a splash-about during summer months, which is all round the year in Chennai.
    I don't see more than a handful using it at any given time. Your are right, it could get crowded when have full house. Current occupancy is nearly 400 families.
    We do have clubhouse features that are hardly used - such as billiards, Turkish baths,