Sunday, May 27, 2012

Adds to R & S Shelf

We have added some back numbers of  Reader's Digest , 1992 vintage, to the  Read & Share shelf at D block in Mantri's. Those of my generation who grew up reading them would agree RDs  never get dated, in the sense that you could always go back to them, to find something interesting that you had missed in your first read. Which is why these issues have been in my personal collection until now.
Our Books in Search of Readers  initiative is nearly two weeks old; and we have had many Mantri residents using the shelf,  from which you are free to take any title for reading; and to which you are welcome to contribute books you wish to share with others.
Manoranjan Pandey (C-Block) who picked up a book on Time Management left a note on Mantri synergy website, saying how useful he found it. His note makes our book-sharing efforts really worthwhile. You don't need to report or record in a register whenever you pick up a title from R & S shelf, but it helps if  you care to leave a note, by way of comment in this blog, or in our Mantri Synergy website.  We also have a Mantri Synergy  Book Group. in which you can discuss, refer, recommend and also list the titles you have in your personal collections.
We don't expect readers to log in before they take books home for reading. No register is kept at R & S Shelf. We leave it to readers  to return the books after reading. What we do appreciate is a brief online  note, as Mr Pandey chose to do.  This peps up our effort to sustain open-source book shelf, and , hopefully, put up such shelf in every lobby at Mantri Synergy.

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  1. I have added some car magazines (Auto car & Top gear)