Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's synergize Mantri Synergy

My wife and I appreciate the sentiments Mr Sriraj has expressed in the previous post. Would like to point out, though, that It is not any lofty ideal or self-less initiative that drives me ;it is enlightened self-interest. Our common/unified efforts can improve life, and synergize community living.
And synergy, I reckon, can be furthered, by including in our community schemes the PropCare people, our house-keeping and security staff. We can make our Mantri living inclusive, if we recognise Murugan joining an engineering course by planting a sapling in our complex. When PropCare Siviram's 4-year-old twins join the 1st std. in school, or start taking, say piano lessons, or get a belt in taekwondo , we should planting saplings.
Which brings me to Pt. 6 in Mr Sriraj's list of things to do.The next time he meets Mr Manoj/Mr Sivaram he could work with them to identify the spots for planting the next five saplings. Thus,discovering more and more planting locations can be made a continuing exercise, as we move from July to August, then on to September, and beyond.

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