Monday, March 5, 2012

More on the mosquito repellants

In response to an earlier post on 'camphor bowl' mosquito repellant a Mantri resident Jayanti wrote in, suggesting citronella candles as kid-friendly remedy. She wasn't, however, sure where one gets citronella.
Today's newspaper carries a brief note on the launch of Mortein NaturGard with citronella extracts. It is retailed as Aerosol pack (Rs.169 for 425 ml.) and Vaporiser combipack (Rs.70).
Mohan or Dandapani of Mantri clubhouse grocery shop can be persuaded to stock them.

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  1. Hi. Citronella is nice, and works well, but since I have kids and a pet, I found that fabric softener mixed into your mop bucket with your normal cleaning product works great. Plus your house smells great as well. I also use fabric softener for dusting and using it on the grills, and it keeps the mosquitos away.