Sunday, March 25, 2012

Memorial Service for trees

Youngest among those who attended Sunday morning (March 25) memorial service are Santhanu,2,and his twin brother Sidharth (not in the photo)
I wouldn't say the turnout didn't matter (it was disappointing), but I reckon turnout isn't everything. We had a double-digit tally, with some late-comers. Besides, some residents e-mailed their inability to be present, but extended their solidarity.
A memorial service for the three coconut trees, slaughtered by Mantri's for car park space, was our way to convey our sentiments to Mantri management (Is Bangalore reading this ?). It was also an occasion for us think, 'what next?'. D Venkatesan (A-block) e-mailed us an old media report (Jan.12,2008) citing a statement by Snehal Mantri. On visiting the OMR land they acquired for developing Mantri Synergy, Ms Snehal Mantri was quoted as saying:
When MDPL took over the land on OMR at Chennai, the entire area looked so green we had second thoughts about building Mantri Synergy there.
She added: We then thought of transplantation. There were a total of 165 coconut trees, 24 mango trees and around 140 teak wood trees spread there, and we managed to save 90% of the trees.
Now, some four years down the line, a stock-taking , on the basis of Ms Mantri's statement, appears appropriate. Maybe,our association management, at the time of take over of assets from Mantri's, ought to take note of this and seek an account of transplanted tress from Mantri project team. Apart from an exercise in 'green' auditing, this has financial implication. The cost of transplanting a tree (at 2008 price level) ranged from Rs,5,000 to Rs.10,000. And the expenses, we assume, was billed to apartment buyers.
We ought to conduct a tree census at Mantri Synergy complex (any volunteers?), to see how many trees were transplanted. This could help us make a claim on Mantri's; and build up association corpus fund.

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