Sunday, March 4, 2012

Install a curtain rod without drilling on wall

So, how do you install curtains,

When your landlord does not allow for drilling on walls in your rented apartment ?
When you don't have the necessary tools to drill on wall ?
When you don't want to puncture a hidden water pipeline or electrical duct ?

Sourced from Woodooz


  1. Hi, thanks for linking this post of ours...

    Can you let me know what the omrresident is all about ? Being a OMR resident myself, this seems quite interesting.


    1. A community blog, centred on residents of Mantri Synergy, Padur. Those in other residential communities on OMR are welcome to join in the online conversation on matters of common concern.Wonder where,on OMR, you do stay/work, Somu.

    2. I reside in Thoraipakkam and work in Tidel... So 95% of my life really circles around OMR :)...

      This is indeed a nice intiative to have a community blog... I did start one for our association, but just could not garner the motivation to pursue it.

      You guys are doing good work here.

    3. We could benefit from your input,as someone so closely connected with OMR. Would be happy to invite you to be a contributor to our blog, if you wish to join in, and if you send us your e-mail ID at

  2. I used shower rods! Works great and my curtains hide the rod!

  3. I would like to join too :) Will send a mail to that ID. I am going to be a resident of OMR starting May. So, was looking at this site. Indeed a very good initiative. Keep it up! Hope to share and benefit from this.

    Sending an email. Please join me into this group. I did try a automatic join from the blog page. Not sure if these 2 are the same.