Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mantri music classes

In an earlier post we wrote about Our in-house concert musician', Mr Kasi Viswanathan. In response to requests from some Mantri parents he has agreed to hold music classes from Jan.23, considered an auspicious day.
To start with, Mr Viswanathan plans to hold classes at his residence (C-804),twice a week. Children above 5 years in age are welcome. Mr Viswanathan is a veteran of 500 plus concerts. His last concert, on New Year Day, was sponsored by a social club at a Home for the aged and destitute women in Chennai.
Those who wish to get a flavour of Kasi Viswanathan's music would do well to listen to 'Samarpan', a compilation of his songs packed into a CD for private circulation. You may borrow the CD from Mr Viswanathan (044-29856118,98941 48601).
His music lessons carry a fee - Rs.500 a month,for 8 classes, held twice a month. Which may well be very reasonable. But I don't know why I was under the impression that when Mr Viswanathan first referred to his desire to teach interested children, ir was his way of volunteer service to the Mantri residents community.

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