Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pongal carnival in the works at Mantri's

Ujjal of E block has done one better. Sunil and I (in D block) suggested Kolam fest, children's pot-painting; and a 'pot brunch' on Pongal day, Jan.15. Ujjal Mukherjee (E-Block) has come up with a suggestion for a community pongal. And he has offered to do the running-around for making it happen.
Ujjal's idea is, we get a big earthen pot, set up firewood choola in the open, and cook pongal the way they do traditionally. This, I guess, is what Madhu Mohanty (C-block)had in mind when she wished for Pongal celebrations that gives non-Tamils at Mantri Synergy a taste and flavour of Pongal festivities.
As I said in a group mail, it takes a doer to make an idea work. In response to my mail, I heard from, not one but, three doers - Ujjal (C-block), Anuradha Nair and Sriraj (both from D). We batted their idea at my place, to come up with the following 'do's':
We need 1) A group of women knowledgeable about making pongal to man the community kitchen, to be set up at a corner above the play zone or another suitable location.
2)We need families volunteering to bring home-cooked pongal for brunch (to supplement the pot-cooked dish for 70-80 servings)
3) We need participants in kolam fest. to be held on the pathway to the residential blocks. As Sunil says in his post people draw Kolam at door-front to ward off evil from casting its eyes on their homes.(Evil's eyes tend to get focused on the kolam, rather than on your front-door).
4)We need a cheer group of parents for children's pot-painting event.
5)We need to set up picnic tables at the front lawns; and trash cans to be placed at suitable points.
6) We need to procure a sapling to be planted at a suitable location, in celebration of pongal. (could consider a spot near the pongal choola)
7) Ujjal has offered to co-ordinate arrangements with Mr Sivaram of PropCare.
8) Mr R N Singh, visiting his son Sandeep (C-1004), and an accomplished photographer,can be requested to take photos of the pongal events for publication in our community blog and also the Facebook page.
9)We need Jagadish (H-block) and others to video Pongal events to be uploaded in YouTube.
10)We need an events coordinator.
My candidate: Ujjal Mukherjee - E-803, 9840119444,

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