Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kolam enthusiasts Priya & Rupa, at Mantri Synergy

Priya (E-205) was the first to turn up to do kolam - 'I came down from our apartment at 8, but found no one around', she said when I met her near the play area car park. A couple of ladies from the Mantri house-keeping staff were setting up earthen pots to cook pongal.I conveyed our apology and requested Priya to do kolam near community pongal cooking area.
Sunil, who came up with a kolam contest idea, and Ujjal who took charge of the proceedings,had to drop their plan to hold the kolam fest on the exit driveway because they did not hear from any intending participants. As an after-thought PropCare deployed the house-keeping staff to do kolam for pongal puja at the D block entrance.
There was evidently a communication gap. For we had Priya and Rupa (B block) do kolam in the cooking area. It was a pity that their colourful artwork went unseen by most residents who assembled near D Block entrance for puja followed by Pongal brunch.
I found Rupa at work when I visited community cooking area around 9 a m.She had taken time to come and do kolam for us before going back to her apartment to cook pongal at home, and get her 3-year old daughter Nitya ready for celebrations.
Lessons learned:
1)Let us designate the walkway at the central park as the 'kolam' zone on festive occasions to enable Priya, Rupa and other enthusiasts to draw kolam right in front of their own apartment Blocks.
2)Let us get their work videoed for upload in YouTube. Example - a 2-min YouTube segment on Mylapore kolam festival.

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