Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The other side of Mantri's

This is a picture that Mantri's wouldn't want us to see. But we can't wish away,can we, this reality. We reckon Mantri's have plans to remove the trash heap and for proper sewage discharge. Question is, would it happen anytime soon ? Why is the garbage stockpiled , instead of being removed as and when it gets collected ?
The channel that runs right across living quarters (tin sheds) of migrant construction workers carries untreated sewage discharged from STP, which has been under repair for the past many weeks. Sewage flows into a pond, causing a huge mosquito problem for those living in the vicinity.
If the Mantri project team has a waste disposal plan in place and a timeline to act on it, apartment residents are entitled to know about it. Would appreciate a response to this post, if only because it would help us consider further representation, if needed.
I wonder if the Mantri management takes cognizance of whatever we post in this blog. For there has been no response from Mantri's, by way of comments to what we have posted in OMR Resident:
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