Monday, November 28, 2011

Waste disposal, a strategy

Our post - The garbage chute debate - has evoked a comment from Daily Dump,a Bangalore-based company that helps manage household waste, converting it into compost. We are not sure if Mantri's, who considered, and then dropped the chute idea (wisely,perhaps),have in place a waste disposal strategy.
As I see it, waste disposal threatens to become a major issue not just in Mantri Synergy, but the entire Padur panchayat area, where we see at least four other major residential communities coming up in our immediate vicinity.
It is time we, at Mantri's, thought of 1) putting in place(rather pushing PropCare into it)an effective waste management system within our complex; and 2) evolving, with co-operation of other developers and Padur Panchayat,a waste disposal model on the lines of the Mamallapuram town panchayat .
In this context, a 'B' block resident, Mr Vasudevan, who met Mr Nirmal of Exnora, says we can count on Exnora's guidance, if we approach them.
As for setting up a waste management system within Mantri Synergy, we have things to learn from Venus Colony (Alwarpet) where they have had vermicompost unit functioning for the last five years. A few of us, making plans for the past few weeks, for a weekend visit to Venus Colony, have yet to make it happen.
A Daily Dump presentation - 'challenges in waste management'- relates to a case-study made at Bangalore's Brigade Millennium Mayflower, JP Nagar. It has 220 flats, generating some 300 kg waste.
Excerpts from the presentation transcript ( Challenges in waste mgmt in apts
">see slideshow for full presentation).
BBMP does not collect garbage from apartments...Hire a BBMP-licensed contractor to carry the waste to landfills...Manage the waste within our own premises...Residents...paying a maintenance fee expect proper waste disposal management committee...High turnover rate of maids and tenants.
Dry waste segregation was introduced in BM Mayflower in Nov 2008 through the ‘Blue Drum’ campaign....Door-to-door visits to train residents...Segregation guide...Training of maids, house-keeping staff, security...Painting the blue drums activity for children and residents... Voluntary – no penalty for non-compliance.
Blue drums..Collected daily by house-keeping ...Transported to basement... Secondary segregation... Sold to recyclers... Proceeds kept for the staff.
E-waste kept separately... Collected by recyclers.. An experimental model ( for kitchen waste) – with the help of Mr Vellore Srinivasan... Composting ... In a specially-designed trolley ...On the terrace – good wind flow, sheltered from rain and direct sun.. Cattle-shed... Cattle edible food...Composting Trolley...Metal...4’ l x 3’ w x 3’ h....Capacity 500 kg.
Compost in 50-odd days... One trolley can serve 220 homes for about 10 days, after which it can be reused after about 50 days...5 such trolleys would be required... If cattle-edible items are sent to the cattle shed...2 trolleys would suffice.
Dry waste – Blue drums... E-waste – Recyclers... EPS/Thermacol – collected and disposed separately... Cattle-edible waste segregated by about 40 volunteer homes... Collected door-to-door everyday around noon ... Sent to cattle shed... Garden waste – composting trolleys.
Enforcement of rules (like segregation) by an authority is essential... Voluntary effort by residents is not realistic to expect.
Designate an area for waste management at the design stage. On the ground, basement, rooftop or combination of these, depending on the total ground area,space around the building,number of flats, height of building, etc...Highlight the waste management area, making it a ‘stand-out’ feature,like STP, generator back-up, etc.

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  1. It would be worth our while to inspect what Mantri synergy prop care is doing for waste disposal.
    We can request Mr.Sivaraman to do this in the next meeting. For I can see a waste disposal and segregation plant, operating . This plant is located at the south eastern end of the complex.
    Ofcourse, if one drops a bag of garbage from ;say, the 13th floor, through the garbage shute, the resulting thud and explosion, when it hits the bottom would really create a stink!. Probably, Rubber flaps at each floor ( to reduce the rate of fall, could probably reduce this. Consulting experts oon this matter would be advisable. Mantri tranquil-bangalore have a wonderful system, and they could be encouraged to provide this here also.