Monday, November 21, 2011

OMR checkpoint toll: an update

The most-read blogpost by Mr Sriraj about monthly pass for car-users on OMR has now an update. They are introducing a fresh smart card for car users from December 1.
The OMR checkpoint card, valued at Rs.800 allows 60 trips a month. The new card will be available at TNRDC site office and online,from Dec.1.
Unlike the present card, which is valid only for a specified vehicle, the proposed card can used by any other vehicle as well for toll gate transit.
Details of the current toll rates can be accessed here.
Mr Sriraj's blog post relates to the local resident pass (LRP),which is relevant to residents at Mantri Synergy and other resident communities along OMR. The terms for LRP and application form can be accessed online.

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