Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Potwork by Mukherjee kids

In our earlier post we missed these delightful pieces, by the Mukherjee kids (D-1101). Vihan and Trisha picked out their pots, a little away from the main driveway.You could easily miss them, if you don't set eyes on the pots placed behind the open parking lot close to the 'Wishing Well'.
Vihan and Trisha turned up for pot-painting later in the day when the sun was on a setting mode.Maybe,in the coming days we would have other children emulating the Mukherjee kids - work on their pots, at their own pace, whenever they feel like it (see OMR Resident Facebook page for more photos).
Meanwhile,'Nityadhya', the neem planted by Aadhya and Nitya to mark the start of our Children's Day pot-painting programme are showing signs withering. We count on our children to keep a close watch on their neem in the coming days, and weeks, until the sapling takes roots.

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