Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping at Mantri's

Having been away for a week, my wife and I missed out on the Monday opening of the Clubhouse stores - Shri Jayamangalam Supermart. We did our own inaugural this evening, and my wife was satisfied with what she found at the shop. The stores in-charge,Mr Mohan, said we would start getting vegetables from tomorrow.
The shop stays open from 9 a m till 9 p m, with no weekly holiday.Telephone orders would be accepted, they say, though the shop has yet to get a phone connection.
On our way back form the clubhouse stores we found the fountains in full flow.
A view of D block at dusk.
Work still undone: Ramp at the stores entrance. And the space in front, where they promise to put out a picnic table or two, is being leveled. we could do with a couple of trees - stores owner Mr R Subash could plant them to mark the opening of his shop.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for posting the pictures. Good to know that the supermarket is suficient and doesn't make you feel to go out of the community for basic needs.